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Product Overview

Designed to withstand years of heavy use, the IsoDoorCaddy™ provides a clean, professional, and attractive way to provide medical staff and visitors with PPEs.

The IsoDoorCaddy™ is easy to clean with soap and water, diluted Clorox® and water, or sani-wipes.



  • Full-size caddy with 8 pockets – (26” W x 39 ¼“ L)
  • 3 glove boxes with S,M,L labels, 2 vinyl pockets, portrait style for signage, 2 gown pockets, and 1 miscellaneous
  • Mesh material is infused with Microban®
  • Reinforced with aluminum bars at the top of the caddy and each pocket
  • Grommets in the straps for ease of hanging


  • All the features of the Classic Caddy in a slimmer design (18“ W x 36“ L)
  • 5 pockets – 3 glove boxes with S,M,L labels; 1 large gown pocket, 1 miscellaneous, and two vinyl pockets for signage – 1 portrait style and 1 landscape style


  • made in the U.S.A
  • vinyl polyester
  • woven pattern
  • infused with Microban® – will not wash or wear off
  • soft, lightweight
  • durable, will last for years
  • heavy stitched seams